Emergency Hotline

0800 110

Emergency call

Dear Au Pair,

Did you come to this site because you are having a problem with your host family? If yes, then try to solve the problem by talking with your host parents to clarify the situation. You may also contact the Au Pair Agency which arranged your match with the host family. Your Agency will give you the support you need.

In case of an emergency, if you cannot reach your Agency, or if you came to Germany without an Agency, please contact the hotline.

This hotline is free of charge.

This hotline does not provide you with placement service or counseling.

Who can use the Hotline?

This hotline is available for foreign au pairs in Germany being in an emergency. You can call at any time and will receive support and first aid. If necessary, Bundesverband Au-Pair Society e.V. or one of the member agencies will be involved.

How does the hotline work?

The hotline is ONLY an Emergency Helpline. The Hotline is not able to provide assistance in providing immediate relief for a host family issue. The Helpline operator will note your contact details and current problem to the appropriate organization (German Au Pair Association, Bundesverband Au-Pair Society e.V. or other organization) who contact you the next business day to provide counsel.

Who runs the Emergency Hotline?

The 110aupair Hotline is an initiative of the non-profit Association, Bundesverband Au-Pair Society e.V. Only member agencies are allowed to provide hotline access to their aupairs.